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Series No. 07



By the time he gets to this empty entrance, it's all he can think of. The great shit that he'll be having. Just thinking about it makes him shiver, from the back of his neck to my spines, running to the tip of the fingers and toes, clacking every joint in the body. A molten steamy one. Every Wednesday morning, the medication arrives. Take it after work, and he's no longer the peaceful guy dreaming of bunny rabbits in the field every night. Within hours his breathing turns coarse, his eyes turn red and the heart pounds like a maniac. It's all he can think of.

And he comes here.

Not exactly a cheap place, but the government subsidizes half of the cost. he can manage to afford once a week. But right now, money is not a concern.

The only person he ever sees here is the guard, but he hardly notices her. Insert his card and the elevator door slides open. No buttons to mess with. It starts automatically and the door opens again at some floor. Walks down the hall to an open room. Always this green floor, always the same room. Sometime afterwards, he might wonder what's on the orange floor, and what's in the other rooms. Not now. He doesn't have time for that. Five years, every week. Nothing to think about.

Inside the door, bare concrete walls on all four sides. Florescent lights on the ceiling. No windows. But he goes in without any hesitation, and closes the door. The light goes out immediately.

In the total dark, he stands with his heavy breath. And slowly, he feels his way to the wall. Where is it today? A few steps and there's the wall. Feel it gently. Find it. Only the feel of cold and rough concrete in the beginning. Where. Where? Focus your attention on the fingertips. Just slowly feel the walls.

Ah, there. This sensation on the fingertips. Fur. This is it. This slight sensation runs chill down my spine, with goose bums all over the body. Slowly, gently try not to let it go, just try to determine its outlines. You realize that it's growing. Slowly, gently, with soft strokes. With the fingertips. Then the palms. Back of the hands. Gradually, a small patch of fur breeds warmth. The flat surface turns into a lump. And starts beating. Delicate microstructures start forming right there at your fingertips. Yes, you got it. Don't lose it, keep in touch, start undressing. Touch it with your wrist, and then arms, shoulders, chest. Your erect nipples touch the soft warm ball of fur. Stomach. Hips. The thing is almost as big as yourself now, covering you. White rabbit fur. Wall's heart beat. Your heart beat. Can't tell them apart anymore.

Your whole body mingling with the wall but you're still looking. No, after a while, it will come to you. The breathing of the wall tells you which way to move. Slowly. Now the heavy breath of the wall completely surrounds you, and the whole room is almost about to crush you in her warmth.

And then, some part of your naked body will find the orifice.

Just a slight gap. But the moment you touch it, the whole room becomes tense. There it is. No furs, a slit in the wet lumpy chunk of meat. You slowly open this warm moist slit. The room moans heavier, and all four walls of the room starts to close in, rubbing you down. You touch the slit with your fingers, and then you tongue it, lick it --- and you start to penetrate. From the fingers. The wall resists, but you go on. Arms. The slit resists, but then, after a while, it starts to suck you in. The inside is a slimy rubbery undulating organism, and it slurps you in, with the furs pushing, and now your whole body is touching the room, crushed, no space between you and the room, you no longer know how far is you and how far is the room, legs, shoulder, arms, head, body, legs, torso, the room becomes everything, and you think you're completely inside the slit but you no longer know and you don't care, everywhere moaning but is it the room or you I dont't know.

And then --- your head explodes. White out. And with it, all the body fluids spurt out. Your sweat, your saliva, and your semen, completely, not a single drop left, the wall sucks you dry. And more.


I wake up. I'm all naked. The walls are the bare rough concrete that they used to be. I try to touch it again and recall that sensation. All concrete. No change. Was that real? But I can't possibly ask anyone.

In the elevator to the lobby there was another guy. First time that I saw anyone here. Our eyes met, but we both looked the other way in a hurry.

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