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Behold and Shiver! SUT Has Arrived!


All right, all you non-believers out there, you thought it was all a bunch of hoax! But Dr. Erdeni does not let people down, his book is ready, and will be unleashed into the non-suspecting world!

If anyone is interested in getting the book, you can contact him directly, or I can buy it for you when I return to Mongolia in 12/2000. Just think... this COULD be the REAL THING! Think of the implications! IF (and this is a very very very very veeeeeeeerrrry big IF) this book is what it claims to be, this will be a historic and monumental book. THIS BOOK MAY END SCIENCE AS WE KNOW IT, WE MAY HAVE THE FINAL ANSWER TO EVERYTHING, THE EARTH MAY END AND YOU MAY DIE!

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 23:47:25 +0100 (BST)
From: Erdeni Chuluunbat <>
Subject: SUTh-book
To: YAMAGATA Hiroo <>

Dear Mr.YAMAGATA Hiroo,

I have a pleasure to inform you that the "Principia Mathematica & Prima Materia" (1st volume) is ready for publishing. Now it is a 600-pages book (in English) containing 10 drawings which constitute quantum-relativistic discrete geometry of space-time and matter. There are nearly 3,500 formulae and equations including THE MASTER EQUATION OF MATTER and SUPER-UNIFICATION SYSTEM EQUATIONS describing the physical reality up to the end. It is about the origin and evolution of the Universe as the post-Euclid-Gaussian algorithm. It notifies that the pure mathematics can reveal its ultimate power in the super-unified theorethical explanation of the world.

Below is the content of the book:

  1. A survey of physics
  2. A sketch to pure mathematics
  3. The universal gauge symmetry constant
  4. Quintessence
  5. Geometry: instinct, intuition and reason
  6. Post-Euclid-Gaussian algorithm discovered
  7. Mathematical constants: harmony and coherence
  8. The mathematical machine of Being
  9. Fermat-Gaussian superstructure of matter
  10. Absolute geometric derivation of all things extant and browsing around in the Alice's wonderland
  11. To the Feigenbaum equation
  12. Isospace of large numbers and p
  13. Super-unification equation
  14. The constant x and a major configuration of physics
  15. Ultra-mathematical super-unification
  16. Numeric h and some unified formulae
  17. Numeric h and some unified formulae
  18. Principles revised
  19. The Solar system configuration in absolute geometry and Earth's distinguished position
  20. Inertia and Principia Mathematica
  21. The temporal isospace of geometry and the arrow of time
  22. Ethics and aesthetics of mathematics
  23. Aspiring for ultimate accuracy in computations
  24. The most magic fact of the number theory discovered
  25. Feynman logarithm, the spin of matter and some other representations
  26. Plato's solids: to replay and win
  27. Foundations of the sciences: metamathematical revolution
  28. The unity of physical constants
  29. Quark confinement and asymptotical freedom
  30. Bruno's and Kepler's predictions verified
  31. Boltzmann constant
  32. General quintic and new number-theoretical facts
  33. Fundamental mass ratios explained
  34. Newton's constant
  35. Some magic numbers and related matters
  36. Human body divine and absolute geometry
  37. Time and alpha-decay process
  38. The quantum mechanics momentum and the configuration constant
  39. What is, at last, energy?
  40. Large number constants
  41. Ultra-reality, subquantum constants and the universal conservation law
  42. Buddist philosophy and absolute geometry
  43. Fundamental isospaces (configurations)
  44. Physical forces unified in formulae and equations
  45. A contribution to the Newton's problem of chronology
  46. Sommerfeld constant and Gaussian curvature of matter
  47. Time dimension, exponential growth and evolution
  48. The origin of life
  49. Quantum-relativistic corrrespondence in absolute geometry
  50. Methods of approximations in absolute geometry
  51. Newton's and Coulomb's laws derived in discrete geometry
  52. The problem of quantum gravitation resolved
  53. Einstein's gravitation as a halfway to absolute geometry
  54. Dirac's, Heisenberg's and Ramanujan's ideas and absolute geometry
  55. The cosmological constant defined strictly and the pure mathematical scenario of cosmology
  56. Further studies on the super-unification equation

  57. Resume (in Russian)

Price and other details will be given further.

With best regards, Erdeni

Boy, who said we don't live in exciting times? Who was that asshole who wrote that shitty End of Science shit book? Just when you thought it was over...

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