Michel Chevalier, 1806-1879.

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Portrait of M. Chevalier

Michel Chevalier was one of the leaders French Liberal School in the mid-19th Century. A Saint-Simonian in his youth, he was imprisoned in 1831 for his activities. In 1842, Chevalier helped found the Société d'Économie Politique and the influential Journal des économistes. Chevalier ascended in 1845 to Say's old chair at the Collège de France to be one of the most dominant professional economists in France.

Chevalier was a frequent and highly-influential advisor to the French political establishment. Chevalier also kept in contact with liberal movements worldwide, particularly the Manchester School. Together with Richard Cobden, Chevalier was responsible for the 1860 "Cobden-Chevalier" treaty which loosened restrictions on trade between Britain and France.

Although sometimes given to utopian reflections on free trade, Chevalier believed in the importance of an interventionist government to check the excesses and dangers of free enterprise. Although his economic research was highly historical in nature, he was not averse to theory and was indeed a great admirer of the British proto-Marginalist economist Henry D. Macleod.

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