Uncertainty, Information and Games

Magister Ludi


I - Choice under Risk and Uncertainty

(1) General Introduction
(2) The Expected Utility Hypothesis
(3) Subjective Expected Utility
(4) The State-Preference Approach
(5) The Theory of Risk Aversion
(6) Riskiness

II - General Equilibrium under Uncertainty

(1) Equilibrum with State-Contingent Markets
(2) Equilibrium with Asset Markets
(3) Equilibrium with Incomplete Markets
(4) Equilibrium with Production and Finance

III - Economics of Information

(1) Introduction: Information
(2) Knowledge, Messages and Beliefs
(3) Moral Hazard
(4) Adverse Selection
(5) Rational Expectations Equilibrium

IV - Game Theory

(1) Strategic Games: Nash Equilibrium
(2) Extensive Games: Subgame Perfect Equilibrium
(3) Incomplete Information Games: Bayesian Equilibrium
(4) Imperfect Information Games: Sequential Equlibrium
(5) Repeated Games: Folk Equilibria
(6) Auctions



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