The Paretian System

Tricolor above the Paris Bourse


I - The Paretian System I: Equilibrium
(1) Introduction
(2) Graphical Illustration: A two-sector model
(3) A General Paretian Model

II - The Paretian System II: Efficiency
(1) Pareto-Optimality
(A) Heuristics of Pareto-Optimality
(B) General Pareto-Optimality Conditions
(2) The Fundamental Welfare Theorems

III - The Paretian System III: Market Failure

IV - The Paretian System IV: Social Welfare
(1) The Social Optimum
(2) The New Welfare Economics
(3) Welfare Comparisons
(A) Utility Possibilities Frontiers
(B) The Kaldor-Hicks Criteria
(C) Scitovsky Reversals and the Double Criteria
(4) Bergson-Samuelson Social Welfare Functions



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