A Billion-Mark Note



(1) Milton Friedman and the "Chicago School"

(2) The Monetarist Transmission Mechanism
(A) Quantity Theory or Liquidity Preference?
(B) Liquidity Preference: Friedman's Money Demand Function
(C) Quantity Theory: Friedman Restated

(3) The Money-Income Causality Debate
(A) The Money Demand Studies
(B) The Monetary History
(C) The Sims Exercises

(4) The Inflation Acceleration Controversy
(A) The Phillips Curve and the Natural Rate Hypothesis
(B) The Acceleration Debate

(5) Monetarist Economic Policy
(A) The "Chicago Plan"
(B) The Money Growth Rule
(C) The Optimum Quantity of Money

(6) The Monetary Approach to Balance of Payments

(7) Some Final Remarks

(8) References

See also our pages on the Chicago School and the Monetarist School and our surveys of Monetary Theory and Neo-Keynesianism.

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