The Neo-Keynesian World

John Maynard Keynes



Part I - Introduction

Part II - Neo-Keynesian Theory

(1) Responses to the General Theory
(2) The Wicksellian Challenge
(3) The Hicks-Hansen IS-LM Model
(4) The Issue of Money Wages
(5) The Neoclassical-Keynesian Synthesis
(6) The Real Balance Debate
(7) Integrating the Keynesian Relationships
(A) The Consumption Function
(B) The Investment Function
(C) The Liquidity Preference Function
(D) The Transmission Mechanism
(8) The Keynesians Counterattack

Part III - Neo-Keynesian Policy

(10) The Impact of Keynesianism on Public Policy
(11) The Theory of Macroeconomic Policy
(A) The Burden of the Debt and Functional Finance
(B) Optimal Macroeconomic Policy
(C) Monetary Policy
(12) The International Macroeconomy
(13) The Deficit Debates Again
(A) "Crowding Out" and "Crowding In"
(B) The Long-Run Multiplier
(C) The Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis
(14) Inflation and the Phillips Curve
(A) Demand-Pull and Cost-Push Inflation
(B) The Phillips Curve
(C) Inflation and Interest Rates
(D) The Expectations-Augmented Phillips Curve

Part IV - Postscript

(15) The End of Neo-Keynesianism?
(16) Epitaph and Anthem
(17) Selected References

(See also our general page on the Neo-Keynesian school and our survey of Keynesian Business Cycle Theory, Monetary Theory and Growth Theory.)

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Selected References


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