Optimal Growth

a dark satanic mill


(1) Optimal Growth: Introduction

(2) The Ramsey Exercise

(3) Golden Rule Growth

(4) Intertemporal Social Welfare
(1) Intertemporal Social Welfare Functions
(2) The Defense of Discounting
(A) The Tastes Defense
(B) The Dynastic Defense
(C) The Decentralization Defense
(3) The Koopmans Axiomatization
(4) Population Growth
(5) Overlapping Generations
(6) Varying Time Preference
(7) Intertemporal Justice
(A) Rawlsian Social Welfare
(B) Rawlsian Altruism

(5) The Cass-Koopmans Optimal Growth Model

(6) Optimal Two-Sector Growth

(7) Optimal Growth: Conclusion

(8) Selected References



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