Growth Theory

a dark satanic mill


I - Classical Growth Theory
After Marx

II - Keynesian Growth

III - Neoclassical Growth
(A) Neoclassical Growth Theory
(1) The Solow-Swan Growth Model
(2) Solving the System
(3) Adjustment Processes: Solow vs. Harrod
(B) Neoclassical Growth: Empirical Implications
(1) Paradoxes of Growth
(2) The Convergence Hypotheses
(3) Poverty Traps
(C) Technical Progress

IV - Multisector Growth
(1) Introduction
(2) The Uzawa Two-Sector Growth Model
(3) Optimal Two-Sector Growth
(4) Heterogeneous Capital and Growth
(5) Turnpikes

V - Optimal Growth
(1) Introduction
(2) The Ramsey Exercise
(3) Golden Rule Growth
(4) Intertemporal Social Welfare
(5) The Cass-Koopmans Optimal Growth Model
(6) Conclusion

VI - Monetary Growth Theory

VII - Endogenous Growth



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