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Fahrenheit 911 and Israel

2004/7/16 TANAKA Sakai

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A Bush bashing movie Fahrenheit 911 by Director Michael Moore is storming the US box office. The movie suggests that the Bush family and the Saudi Royal family, along with their pawn Bin Ladin family, are connected through oil, and that although the Saudi government was involved in 9/11, Saudi-friendly Bush tried to cover it up, starting the Iraq war to distract the US people from this fact.

Before the release of the movie, Walt Disney stopped its distribution, and Carl Rove (President Bush's election officer) tried to stop its release. It was expected that this movie would be a painful blow for the Bush regime.

The movie received prizes at Cannes, which made it apparent that it was becoming a tool of a political battle within US politics (Translator's note: I had no idea that Cannes had anything to do with US politics! This makes no sense at all, but this is what it says. Bear with me.) Once released, this movie recorded the all time record at the box office as a documentary. It is said that many Americans who watched this film felt for the first time that they had been deceived by the Bush government, and some point out that this movie might change the outcome of the US presidential election in November. ("Moore film 'could bring down Bush'")

Moore is the One who's involved in a Conspiracy

As Bush regime haters increase around the world, this movie depicting the dark side of the Bush regime have risen to great acclaim, and it seems natural that many point out that this movie has "exposed the conspiracy of Bush". Among US citizens, however, people who have been watching the US political climate are feeling that "It's Moore that's involved in a conspiracy," after watching the movie.

The reason for this is that the movie makes absolutely no comment on the Neo-Conservatives that created the overall direction starting from 911 to the war in Iraq. Neo-conservatives are said to be intimate with the right wing Israelites, and US troops in Iraq seems to depend on strategies that Israel has crafted. Therefore, in order to depict the hidden side of the Bush regime, it is strange that the movie does not touch upon Neo-Conservatives and Israel at all. Among the Neo-Conservatives, only Wolfowitz appears, but not as a Neo-conservative, rather as "Republican Party Right wing." (US Military turning into Israelites) ("Michael Moore Shills for Illuminati Bankers")

As I see it, prior to 9/11, Saudi Arabia and Israel have been competing for dominance over US political circles. Saudi Arabia had their oil rights as their back ground, and maintained ties with the middle ground such as Bush family and the Rockefellers, where as Israel, with their intelligence and the strength of the Jewish and Christian right in the US, had ties with the hawks, and the two maintained a balance. At this point came 9/11, and the blame was put on Saudi Arabia, which led to the increased influence of Israel and the hawks within the US political climate, up till today (related material)

Furthermore, as I mentioned in a previous article, of the 19 Arabs that FBI announced as the culprits of 9/11 (of which 15 were Saudi Arabian), 6 Saudis have turned out to be unrelated immediately afterwards. Although this was reported among US and British media, it was never taken enough notice, and the "Wanted List" that includes these error is still prolific. This is something that Moore definitely should have pointed out in Fahrenheit 911, but the movie simply resorts to Saudi bashing.

The view that Saudi government was involved in 9/11 was a plus to Israel and the US hawks, and a minus to the middle ground. Neo-Conservatives, that maintain ties with Israel and the US right, were looking to Saudi Arabia as their next target of forced democratization of the Middle East that started with Iraq. Considering these facts, Fahrenheit 911, which emphasizes the connection between 9/11 and Saudi Arabia while totally ignoring the influence of Israel and Neo-Conservatives, is very likely to have been produced with the intent of making the general opinion conducive to the hawks and Israel ("Fahrenheit 9/11: Factual or Saudi-bashing?")

There are some analysis that points out the possible connection between Moore and Neo-Conservatives, and yes, the more people blindly swallow the message of this movie, the easier it will become for Neo-Conservatives to put all the blame on Bush and Saudi Arabia, and get away without being accused ("Michael Moore and Richard Perle Combine Forces")

Kerry Changes as He Embraces Neo-Conservatives

This view suggests that Neo-Conservatives have abandoned Bush. There are some signs of this. President Bush, after getting trapped in the Iraq mess, asked UN for help, and tried to re-establish ties with the EU, which means he is moving from right wing to middle ground policies. Neo-Conservatives, who would like to extend the "forced democratization" of Middle East to Syria and Iran, are calling for increased troops in Iraq, which conflicts with Rumsfeld who insists under Bush's order that no increase is necessary (increased troops means bringing back drafts, which would lower Bush's popularity). (related article) (Translator's note: So Rummy's not a Neo-Con? After all that we went through! But bear with me.)

Patrick J. Buchanan, a traditional conservative anti-hawk politician predicted as of April 2004 that if Democrat candidate John Kerry supports Israel, Neo-Conservatives will switch their support from Bush to Kerry ("Going Back Where They Came From").

As if to fulfill the prerequisite for Neo-Conservative support, Kerry, who used to be rather critical of Israel, is making strong statements to support Israel these days. When he announced to run for President in Fall 2003, he criticized Israel on Palestine issues, and announced that he would appoint former President Jimmy Carter, who is famous for his critical stance against Israel, as the special ambassador for middle east peace negotiations. Kerry, however, changed his position toward pro-Israel, and in his foreign policy statement, he claimed that Israel has the right to defend against the terror of Palestinians, announcing support for the oppression of the Palestinians by Israel ("President Kerry on Israel").

Kerry last year announced objections against the barrier that Israel was building on the West Banks in order to stop Palestinians flowing into Israel, but he turned to support it this year. Also, Kerry chose Senator Edwards as his partner. Edwards is known for his pro-Israel position among the Democrat Senators ("Choice of John Edwards fits Kerry's new, aggressive style")

In the Kerry family, his grandfather (father's father) converted from Jewish to Catholic. Kerry himself is a Christian, but his brother Cameron Kerry converted to Jewish at his marriage. Cameron recently visited Israel, explaining about his brother's change of mind concerning Israel to the government officials there ("Brother Emphasizes Kerry Israel Support")

To sum up the whole story, Kerry claimed a strong support for Israel, and Neo-Conservatives abandoning Bush for Kerry, as Fahrenheit 911 that bitterly criticized Bush but ignores Neo-Conservatives and Israel is being released, which all leads to the lowered liklihood of Bush being re-elected.

In general, claims that strongly attack Saudi Arabia and the investment firm Carlyle that Saudis and Bush family both had stakes in, should not be taken too seriously, including Fahrenheit 911. It is true that the Saudi Royal family, the Bush family, middle grounds, and the oil industries have made profits through their relationship. But on the other half, there are the Neo-Conservatives and Israel, and in the larger picture, there is the battle between Israel and Saudi Arabia for the dominance of US politics. There is a plot to guide people's view on only half of the picture, while ignoring the other half.

(To be continued)

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Transator's Comment: A note about the "author" of this article, TANAKA Sakai. He's sort of a pseudo-crank journalist. But unlike a real crank, he can't come up with any interesting conspiracy theory of his own. His strength (or weakness) comes from the fact that he doesn't have the ability to think for himself, and his total disregard for consistency. He simply cannot judge and dismiss quack conspiracy theories, even when it sneaks up his asshole in the form of a snake (not that it does so very often, but even when it did).

His claim to fame came around 9/11 and Afganistan, when he became famous as the "Internet Journalist," who basically scavenges the Internet for provokative news bits. This used to work around those days, when blogs were few and the good ones were apparent. Japanese media were slow, their sources were limited, while his Internet sources seemed fresh and meaningful. But before long, his advantage dwindled off. The mainstream media caught on, while more quacks started their own blogs. In order to maintain the news value of his reports, he had to resort to sensationalism, or basically "I know stuff that no-one else knows" reporting. But with all the good ones already taken up by the mainstream media, he has to go to what's left over, which are the conspiracy theories. His inability to check sources, or even to check consistensies among his own reports have really worked well here, and these days, he happily moves from one conspiracy theory to another, that are often contradicting and makes almost no sense.

His recent hilarious "reports" include the analysis that Neo-Conservatives were actually pawns of the peace loving liberals (he uses the word "middle ground" to mean liberals), or the neo-conservatives were actually aiming to reduce the american dominance, and move toward a multi-polar world. Whaaaat??? Weren't Neo-cons basically bunch of guys who thought that since US has the single most powerful military in the world, so they can bully their way through anything, and EU and Russia can kiss their pipe-dream multi-polar ass good-bye? Ah, you are so easily decieved! They were just SAYING that to trick the Republican hawks in to attacking Iraq! The Neo-cons KNEW that Iraq would be costly and would greatly reduce the military strength of the US, and that's why they pushed it! Now, US has become weak, the world's power balance is back, and that's exactly what they wanted! And all this was carried out by the Democrats, to infiltrate the Republicans and reduce their position!

Well, I guess this theory really fits in with the one I translated above. No wonder Moore ass-kisses the Neo-Cons in Fahrenheit 911, right? Because both are peace-loving liberals who loaths US dominance! Yer, right.

The fact that this sort of net scavenger passes as a Journalist (for crying out loud), is a sorry testimony about the state of Journalism in general in Japan. We suffer fools like him too easily, and think that it's polite to simply ignore them, rather than to properly make fun and ridicule them. But oh well. I'll just do my part. And the good news is, he no longer appears too much in the mainstream media these days, and remains mostly ignored. Can't fool people for too long, I guess, not when you keep sending out these ridiculous stuff every so often.

Your translator, YAMAGATA Hiroo

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