The Keynesian Revolution

John Maynard Keynes


I - On Keynes's General Theory

(1) Keynes's General Theory: Introduction
(2) The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money by J.M. Keynes (electronic text)
(3) Keynes's Critique of Untheory
(4) The Logic of the General Theory
(5) Conclusion

II - The Neo-Keynesian World

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Neo-Keynesian Theory

(1) Responses to the General Theory
(2) The Wicksellian Challenge
(3) The Hicks-Hansen IS-LM Model
(4) The Issue of Money Wages
(5) The Neoclassical-Keynesian Synthesis
(6) The Real Balance Debate
(7) Integrating the Keynesian Relationships
(8) The Keynesians Counterattack

Part 3 - Neo-Keynesian Policy

(10) The Impact of Keynesianism on Public Policy
(11) The Theory of Macroeconomic Policy
(12) The International Macroeconomy
(13) The Deficit Debates Again
(14) Inflation and the Phillips Curve

Part 4 - Postscript on Neo-Keynesianism

(15) The End of Neo-Keynesianism?
(16) Epitaph and Anthem
(17) Selected References

III - Keynesian Business Cycle Theory

(1) The Oxbridge Programme

(2) Multiplier-Accelerator Cycle Models
(A) The Samuelson Oscillator
(B) Metzler Inventory Cycles
(C) Hicks's Trade Cycle
(D) Duesenberry-Smithies Ratchet Effects
(E) Growth Cycles: Duesenberry-Pasinetti
(F) Extensions: Shocks and Money

(3) Endogenous Cycle Models
(A) Kaldor's Non-Linear Cycle
(B) Kalecki's Distribution Cycle
(C) Goodwin's Non-Linear Accelerator
(D) Goodwin's Class-Struggle Model

IV - Keynesian Growth Theory

V - Disequilibrium Keynesianism

(1) The Clower-Leijonhufvud Critique
(2) The Dual Decision Hypothesis
(3) A Walrasian-Keynesian Synthesis
(4) The Malinvaud Model
(5) Conjectural Equilibrium



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